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Routine Editor for Intersystems Cache / Windows / Linux / MacOSX

MUMPS project MiniM Database Server have builtin MiniM Routine Editor. Some time ago this tool has been ported to working on with Intersystems Cache database.
Routine Editor for Intersystems Cache have several ports:
  • Windows
  • Linux i386
  • Linux x64
  • MacOSX
Interesting information - MiniM has been ported to FreeBSD systems too, so Routine Editor for Intersystems Cache can be ported to both FreeBSD systems (i386 and x64) too.

Functionality of ported Routine Editor is the same like in MiniM Routine Editor and tool can edit, compile, export and import routines.

Routine Editor supports strong Cache syntax highlightning instead of other MUMPS implementations and can work with INT, MAC and INC routines.

This tool have native interface for each operating systems. Windows version uses MDI-styled text editing and other versions uses tabbed text editing.

Routine Editor for Windows

Routine Editor for Linux

Routine Editor for MacOSX

Search results and compile results outputs to special window from where text or separate line can be catched to the clipboard.

Routine Editor for Intersystems Cache is a part of Cache Tools. This toolset installs toghether and works via special server-side routine, handler of TCP connections. This small module need to be installed on the server side only once.

See details about Cache Tools on the project's website.

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